15. Officially announced !

Today, Saturday September 17th, 2016, is a great day, for my book is officially announced by the Publisher on his site !

Here is the link:


You can now see the cover, read the details, the table of contents, and even download and read some pages !

But I let you discover it… I just hope that you’ll like what you see and that you will appreciate it, for the work beforehand was long and hard…


Well, my great chapter Reverie arrives to its end with the birth of the book…

I just hope to have brought you some softness with my articles, some poetry over the pages of the book, and much reverie with the Blog articles  and the pictures from the book…

My Best Regards,20160714_132636-copie

15. Annonce officielle !


Aujourd’hui, samedi 17 septembre 2016 est un grand jour, mon livre apparaît sur le site de la maison d’édition qui le publie !

Voici le lien :



Il y a maintenant le visuel de la couverture, le descriptif, le sommaire et quelques feuillets.

Vous pouvez également télécharger et feuilleter un chapitre !

Mais à vous de juger….. J’espère toutefois que vous aimerez ce que vous verrez…et que vous l’apprécierez (le travail en amont est énorme !)….


Voilà, mon grand chapitre Rêverie s’achève avec la naissance du livre… J’aimerais vous avoir apporté un peu douceur au fil de ces articles, une once de poésie au fil des pages du livre et beaucoup de rêveries entre les articles de ce Blog et les photos du livre…

Bien à vous,


13. Home straight !

After a long month doing many things such as designing  my new dresses collection, sewing dresses for dolls, knitting little sweaters for them, embroidering smocks, and so on… I had to work hard on the book.

Looking for mistakes in the pattern explanations, watching all the pictures (are they at the correct place?), verifying sizes of fabric,… took much time !

The cover was not yet ready to be seen, but description of the book could be found on Amazon.fr.

Here it is in French for those who understand French :

« Présentation de l’éditeur

Voici tous les secrets de fabrication de tenues ravissantes pour habiller les poupées Corolle de la gamme Chérie ! Joëlle Leccia a des rêves de petite fille qu’elle concrétise dans ses créations pour habiller les poupées préférées de sa fille. Des robes de villes et des robes plus raffinées. Les formes ne manquent pas : robe boule ou chasuble, froncée ou à plis plats. Il faut peu de tissu pour confectionner une robe de poupée. Les tissus à motifs ne manquent pas, et les idées de récupération de vêtements que l’on ne veut pas complètement quitter non plus. Ce livre permettra aux mamans de se lancer dans la confection de robes raffinées. C’est aussi une initiation à la couture qui leur permettra, pourquoi pas, de coudre elles-mêmes les robes de leurs petites filles ? Les patrons correspondent à des poupées de 33 cm. Tous les patrons sont à taille réelle pour vous faciliter la tâche. »
I like a lot this description ! It made me smile when I read it !
Waiting for seing the cover of the book, Mia introduced her new dresses and wig to you in a fresh corner of my garden….

12. Amazing !

Two months ago, on July 24th 2016, I was looking for a book on Amazon.fr and just by curiosity, I typed my firstname and name in the research section.

You can not imagine how I felt when I saw my own firstname and name on the screen in front of me near the title of the book : Robes de poupée pour mes Chéries ! How amazing !

This adventure is just unbelievable ! Thanks so much to Nadia D. who allows me to live it !

copie d’écran d’Amazon:


Détails sur le produit

Robes de Poupée pour Mes Cheries

20 octobre 2016

de Leccia Joelle

Reliure inconnue

À paraître – commandez-le dès aujourd’hui. Cet article sera disponible le 20 octobre 2016.
I was looking forward to seing the cover ( now I know it 😉 ! ).

11. Creating little outfits

Well, to come back to the creation of my little dresses, the adventure went on all along  summer 2015, and in October 2016, you could see them in a book, onto which I have worked a lot !

I have to change some words and sentences from my French version, because for now, the book is announced in bookshops and on internet; and it’s no more a secret ! Sorry for the delay in my translations…

But, what is important to know, is that Laura’s gaze on each little dress that I have created (drew and sewed) encouraged me to send my work to a publisher.

I told myself, that if my own daughter  (aged 5 that very summer) seemed so sincerely excited in front of my creations; other little girls could be as excited as Laura was, to the greatest happiness of their mum ! And should the mothers be dexterous, then my patterns should be used to marvel their little girl…

One would only have to select fabric and colour of their choice, and after some hours working on it, a new outfit could dress a Chérie (by Corolle) who is waiting…. with eargerness !

Don’t you think that a child with sparkling eyes is the best thing that could occur when you are a mother? ❤

I do !


Waiting for being allowed to show my creations, here are some outfits that I have done for Laura and her baby doll, in February-March 2011.

10. Patchwork: Laura’s duvet

After Japanese Patchwork, here is one that matters so much to me and which is not yet finished ! This project is intended for my daughter, in order to do her a really cosy duvet because nights are chilly, here in Normandy !

I have begun it while she wasn’t yet born and I go on really slowly, between embroideries, canvas, new designs of dresses, drawing, gardening,….and so many things according to inspiration of the moment; and above all, according to free time that I have amongst my job and daily chores that I have to do as a mother and owner of a house…


Cutting and joining the different parts:

Cross stitch embroidery for the initial letters:DSC00492 (2)

Joining the different parts of the top, adding it to the duffle then to the lining:DSC00503 (2)

Drawing for the quilting:DSC00495 (2)

DSC00496 (2)

Finishing the lining all around the duvet hand sewing :WP_003305

And today, I am there, quilting all around each characters which were embroidered with my embroidery machine :


9. Japan, source of inspiration…

I have talked to you about typical Japanese Patchwork; well, here are some of my creations mainly done with Japanese fabric according to patterns from Japanese magazines or Japanese books speaking about patchwork..

  • bag for fabric or knitting bag:

  • bag for bread:

  • makeup case:

  • case for sunscreen:
  • child health record booklet:
  • protection for electronic dictionary:
  • protection for cooktop:20150810_16191320150810_162049
  • little round tablecloth:20150730_123145
  • glasses case:20150729_115608

    Here are, then, some of my artwork…

8. The beginning…

Here we are ! Laura was kind enough to lend me one of her dolls with the hope of being able to have new little dresses for Sayuri and Mélanie, her two darlings !

She lent me Sayuri, the Japanese girl, this doll being my favourite…

And so, I began to draw a pattern for Sayuri. After some attemps, I should say, I found something that suited me.

The doll in one hand, the pattern in the other, I went to my stock of Japanese fabrics kept in my drawers (for I love Japan and Japanese Patchwork, thanks to Yoko Saito, Reiko Kato ,…) in order to find THE « Fat Quarter » that would fit to my own pattern and the complexion of the doll.

And this dress was the first finished for Sayuri…

7. Regency Gowns and Titanic Dress..

Here are some of the Regency Gowns I have done according to Jennie Chancey ‘s wonderful patterns that she draws herself. Her work is speechless !

Regency Gown Pattern :

  • my really first Regency Dress (Jane Austen Era):
  • my second Regency Dress with long sleeves:
  • a third one is begun, but not yet finished. I do it in Dupioni Silk…

Regency underthings : Chemise and Short Stays (Regency undergarments) :

Regency Spencer Jacket & Pelisse Pattern:

  • Spencer Jacket: 


  • Pelisse Pattern for the coat:

My Titanic Dress, according to Jennie Chancey’s « A 1910’s Tea Gown Pattern« :

But unfortunately, the show project was cancelled and I have never finished my dress, so sad because of all those long hours working on the dress for nothing ! My work won’t be shown, so, today, I show you some pictures, just to comfort me …

Well, with all those pictures, I wanted to show you what I am able to do with a pattern in my hands !