1. The beginning of this great adventure !

First of all, I’d like to say « Hi ! » to all my English spoken friends among the world, and especially to Gloria, who is patiently waiting for my English writtings in order to understand  my French articles! (Sorry for the delay, Gloria 🙂 !)

I’d like to try to write those articles in English, in order that my foreign friends could understand me. Of course, it won’t be exactly the same, but the meaning would be there, and I just hope that I will be forgiven my  mistakes in English language for I am not an English native speaker…

I just wish to share my adventure with all of you !

Well, all began some years ago, when Father Christmas dropped a lovely little baby doll for my daughter Laura at our Christmas tree. Laura was just one year old at this end of 2010…

Sayuri-Chan was the name given to this little baby doll in honour of Laura’s mid Christian name: Sayuri (which means Lily Flower in Japanese).

But here it it ! This little baby girl doll needed some clothes !

Memories of youth when I alredy sewed « outfits » for my own Nancy doll with pieces of fabrics that my granny had given to me; I decided to do, for my own daughter, what I had began when I was young..

So, I began to look for a book into which I could find patterns for dressing Sayuri-Chan.

I was happy enough to find Carole Atzu’s book and then, this great adventure began !


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