7. Regency Gowns and Titanic Dress..

Here are some of the Regency Gowns I have done according to Jennie Chancey ‘s wonderful patterns that she draws herself. Her work is speechless !

Regency Gown Pattern :

  • my really first Regency Dress (Jane Austen Era):
  • my second Regency Dress with long sleeves:
  • a third one is begun, but not yet finished. I do it in Dupioni Silk…

Regency underthings : Chemise and Short Stays (Regency undergarments) :

Regency Spencer Jacket & Pelisse Pattern:

  • Spencer Jacket: 


  • Pelisse Pattern for the coat:

My Titanic Dress, according to Jennie Chancey’s « A 1910’s Tea Gown Pattern« :

But unfortunately, the show project was cancelled and I have never finished my dress, so sad because of all those long hours working on the dress for nothing ! My work won’t be shown, so, today, I show you some pictures, just to comfort me …

Well, with all those pictures, I wanted to show you what I am able to do with a pattern in my hands !

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