Holiday Swap 2016

Christmas Angel

Well, tonight, I’d like to talk to you about the Holiday Swap I went through, thanks to the Ning Group (concerning Little Darling dolls) I have joined at the beginning of 2016.

Time to time, administrators offered interesting seasonal groups such as sewing one or knitting one or Swaps into which you can participate if you wish to. As I have already written in a previous article, I once participated to a sewing group, my first one, the one into which I have learnt how to embroider smocks (cf: « 3. Tenues pour Hannah, Little Darling » in « Quelques tenues« ).

A Swap is an exchange of things between secret partners. As our Group is about Little Darling collectors, then the exchange concerns things for our dolls. When you participate to a Swap, you have to do/sew or buy something for the doll of a member that you don’t known until the limit time when the administrator gives you your partner’s name and address.

This Holiday Swap was about « Christmas Through the Decades » and we were 23 participants ! The limit day to post our little presents was December 9th. As I live in France and my partner in the USA, I had to post my little present earlier, in order she  should receive it on time, like the other participants.

Before revealing on my Blog what I have prepared for my American partner, Mary, who lives in Plainfield, Illinois, I wanted to wait until she receives my little Swap for her Brittany.

Tonight, I know that she has received my little parcel for she announced it :

My Swap arrived from France ! -photos soon

« I am so excited I received my swap in the mail today all the way from France!  I really wanted to see what was inside but need to wait until Brittany can open it tomorrow.  Photos coming soon… »

So, I can now, reveals what’s in the little package !

I ‘ve sent to Mary a little embroidered card (that I have embroidered with my embroidery machine) for Greetings.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

And I have sent a little dress, a necklace and two little hair grips to her doll, Brittany. I have sewn the little dress in Moda Fabrics (which I love!) and according to British Regency Erea, Jane Austen period.

Summer is proud to be the model of the evening ! As usual !! So, let’s have a look !




I hope that you would like this little present, Mary. It was a pleasure to do that for you (even if it was during my storm…)

It’s not necessary that I keep it secret anymore, now that you have received it 🙂 !

For my part, the little Swap for Summer hasn’t yet arrived to France and I don’t even know from whom it was prepared and even less from which country it has left ! That’s a real surprise !

Merry Christmas, Mary & Brittany ❤ ❤ !

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