Holiday Swap from Melanie !

Summer was a little sad this morning, because of that bad and sad weather today!

I’m waiting for parcels (especially Mini Maru who is on her way to her new home in France and another one, but this is too soon for speaking about her now, I must keep the secret a little bit longer) and so, I went to the letterbox when misty rain stopped. There, there was a parcel for Summer and a letter from Father Christmas for my daughter Laura !

Laura was very happy to receive a letter from Father Christmas, but I think that Summer was much excited to receive a parcel, for it was her first one ! And do you know what? The parcel was coming from the US ! Yes ! From Wattsburg, Pennsylvannia !

Waouh, incredible ! It crossed the ocean especially for Summer ! It was sent by Melanie, for Summer’s first Christmas Swap !the-parcel

Summer was so excited, that she immediately opened it !



Summer opened her gifts and found a lovely card for me;  some chocolates in a box and others hidden in a lovely little box presented as a book with « Santa’s Stories » written on it; a little snowman presenting a lovely page of a book onto which a gorgeous dress is shown with a sweety  hat !

And you know what? The little dress and the hat were there for true !!


Summer was soooooooooo happy that she just couldn’t wait to try it on !

Look at her !


How lovely she is !!

Summer is really proud to wear her first little American dress !


Thank you, Melanie, for this wonderful Holiday Swap 2016 !


Summer was spoilt with all her presents ! (As I was as well 😉 ! )

I will just add that the chocolates were yummy !!!

Thanks so much, Melanie !

Take care !

Merry Christmas to all the Ning group !

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