« An inhabitant of La Barre en Ouche (Normandy) designs dresses for dolls » (2/3)

Well, do you remember ? Today is translation of part two, how things went on for the book— concerning the article published in the newspaper on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017.



« Newspaper Éveil Normand:  How went on the shaping of your book ?

   Joelle Leccia : During that summer 2015, after having sewn some dresses for my daughter’s dolls, I went through the idea to collect all my designs under a same collection for other mothers. Of course, I have designed and sewn several little dresses before offering my work to a specialised publisher in arts and crafts. The publisher accepted to receive my work and I sent my collection to her at the beginning of January 2016. Nearly a month later, I received a telephone call from the owner of the publishing house telling me that she wished to meet me in order to see the dolls and their little dresses !


Newspaper Éveil Normand:  So, this appointment, how was it ?

Joelle Leccia : Well, this appointment was a really rewarding meeting ! I have shown her my enthusiasm, my passion about designing outfits, and I’ve also shown her all the little dresses that I had created. She also looked at a photo-book that I had made with a specialised software  (you know, everyone can create they own photo-book and have it published by a photographer). This photo-book was about my own dolls (les Chéries) modeling the little outfits I had designed and sewn in my own garden that I have imagined and planted according to my testes  (for is was a cosmos field when I bough  it !). She went back her office with the dolls, the little dresses and asked me to create two more dresses and to write down a technical sewing chapter for readers.

Then, a professional photographer took pictures of the dolls modeling their little dresses  in a way to show the romantic side of the outfits.

We also began a long work of editing into which the least detail was important!  But I should say that, meticulous as I am, I enjoyed very much that part of the work where exchanging ideas, suggestions with the publisher was extraordinary !

At the beginning of September, we were working on the cover of the book; and, on October 20th 2016, coming back home from work, I found MY book waiting for me in my mailbox! »


Well, that was my translation of the day ! Please, forgive me my mistakes…

Tomorrow I will translate the third and last part of this newspaper article about how I have learnt to sew and my new projects..


See you soon ❤ !

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