« An inhabitant of La Barre en Ouche (Normandy) designs dresses for dolls » (3/3)

Well, today is translation of part three, how I have learnt to sew and my projects to come— last part of the article published in the newspaper on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017.

20170309_004259 - Copie
l’Eveil normand, 8 mars 2017


«Éveil Normand:  How  and where have you learn to sew ?

   Joelle Leccia : I am a self-taught woman for I was never taught sewing !  As far as I can remember, I was a child who, watching my maternal grandmother sewing little tops for my sisters and I, I wanted to do the same thing for Nancy, my doll !  I tried to make small tops myself to Nancy, out of the scraps of fabrics my grandmother gave me. Of course, it was just a child attempt, but I started it again and again until I was happy with the result ! Then, I was offered a little toy sewing machine and things went on faster ! That’s how I have learnt, watching my grandmother sewing by hand, and later on, following designers recommendations on their patterns.


Éveil Normand:  Have you got any projects ?

Joelle Leccia : Yes, of course ! I’ve got many projects ahead; with, amongst others, another collection of new outfits (especially dresses) which eventually could be the purpose of a second book for I was asked about it by some doll collectors.

I also wish to develop my blog [legrenierdelizzy.wordpress.com] onto which you can find the story of my first book, some tutorials about sewing, you can see my dolls, some of my passions… I’d also like to go on with translating in English my different posts. Furthermore, I’d like to translate in English some of my patterns as well.

But all those projects take time and I’ll do my best for them to appear in the months to come. »


This article was published on Women’s Day, and for that special opportunity, I have sent this bunch of roses to everyone of you, reading it  😉  !


See you soon  ❤  !

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