6. A little fun for beginning the day…

Today, after having been silent for some days (I will soon write a post about it), I have to tell you something really funny. Well, funny for you, who are reading those lines, better than for me, who were the actor of this laugh !

As you must know, I went back to work (I should say, to school 😉 ) yesterday morning and it was also the come back with my Choir friends, in the evening. We sang La neige et le lilas, Si tu vas à Rio and we began a new song, Camille St-Saëns’ Tollite Hostias (Oratorio de Noël). Lovely and difficult song ! The rehearsal lasted late in night, and I was not at home until 22:30pm. The day was a long day with many things happening; among others, my eldest son had a car accident and happily is saved from the tractor which moved back into his car (oh là là the car !!) !! He was shocked to see the big wheels of the tractor coming on him in spite of his many attemps beeping the horn to be seen and heard by the tractor driver who hasn’t seen my son’s car at all !! What a day !! So, you can now understand why I  I had difficulties falling asleep; and fighting with insomnia, too, most of the time my nights are very short !

Now that I have set down the context, I can begin my story of the day where you’re going to laugh at me !

This morning, I was woken up by a knock at my door around 8 o’clock (so, only 4 hours sleep this night !). I really wondered what/who should it be, on a Saturday morning, so early (for the postwoman of my village delivers letters after noon most of the time ) ! I finally opened my shutter and saw a man with a special delivery for me ! Oh my God ! I had to open my door and I was in pyjamas !! If I could have been a mouse at that same moment to hide myself in a hole !! (Normally, when I know that a package is going to be delivered, I wake up earlier and get dressed to avoid that kind of situation ! )…
Well, I signed the form, took my little package coming from the USA and shut my door; as red as a tomato I suppose !! Happily, this man will quickly forget me in my pyjamas and I will never see him again 🙂 ! Funny, isn’t it ?

I’m sure you’d like to know what was in this package, which put me in an awkward situation 😉 ! I have to add more lines before telling you, to make the suspense a little bit longer 😉 …

Some days ago, I came in admiration when I saw Lynette’s pillow, Frosty the Postman; and as I have to postpone my Seaside Town Bom for a while (for still five pieces of fabrics are missing to go on in Lynette’s path !), well, I have ordered a pdf pattern of this lovely pillow ! I’m sure you’re going to think that I am crazy; but you know, when I am really busy with school things, it’s really peaceful to make some sewing. Nonetheless, when I begin a little dress or a little sweater for a doll, it takes me so many hours to finish my project that it is real frustration when I only have some minutes from time to time to give to hobbies during school days ! So, with the patchwork, having just some minutes from time to time is perfect for me, for I can do hexagons from time to time (and finishing an hexagon really asks not that much time); so it’s a satisfaction to see haxagons taking birth and there is no frustration at all as in creating doll clothes with so few time ! But I encountered another problem : I still HAVE NOT the fabrics to begin the pattern ! What a mess ! Being stopped by not having everything at hand ! I searched and searched Frosty Friends fabrics for hours on internet and finally found them in a shop in Ohio ! I ordered the ones I wished to work with last Saturday. I received a shipping tracking number that same saturday evening, yes, in the evening !! And today… ? Well, with this clue, I’m sure you have guess ! …All the lovely Frosty Friends fabrics that I have ordered only a week ago (Truly, I didn’t expect it until Monday) are here, in this little package !

No more waiting, here are some pictures !!!

Frosty Friends fabrics, Lynette Anderson
Frosty Friends fabrics, Lynette Anderson

I’m sure you will like them as much as I do 😉 !

Frosty Friends fabrics & Frosty the Postman pattern, Lynette Anderson


Look at this lovely pillow for Christmas (Lynette’s one, of course)!

Frosty the Postman, Lynette Anderson

How happy I am to have received them ! Now, I am able to begin Lynette’s Frosty the Postman lovely pattern ! Only able, for I already have too much work for school this week-end !

Enjoy 🙂 !

A bientôt ❤ !

4 réflexions sur “6. A little fun for beginning the day…

  1. Oh, you busy busy woman. What a lot you achieve. Love the ‘frosty postman’ fabrics, Lynette Anderson has a real talent for colour and design. I like following the tracking almost as much as the parcel arriving.
    Glad your son is safe.
    Summer is over and your fabrics for BOM are still ‘missing’ Send me a message on the little darling site if you would like me to purchase for you.
    Sleep well


    1. Dear Jane, thank you so much for your kindness and help ! Yes, very happily, my son is safe 🙂 !
      You know, I also like following tracking numbers, but the last time I did it for this little parcel, it was still in Ohio ! So, I didn’t think it would arrive so quickly for at that same moment, I was waiting for a little parcel coming from The Fat Quarter Shop in TX which took 2 weeks to arrive at home, staying nearly a week at the custom desk in France! So, I did not expected that little one so soon since I wasn’t informed of its arrival by the delivery service :).But it was such a lovely surprise yesterday! I’m so fond of those Christmas fabrics! Lynette does great job with her designs and fabrics! Have you seen how wonderful is Frosty the Postman ? I wish I could have a fabrics store near my home with all those lovely fabrics I love !
      Jane, I’m going to wait until end of September for my Lynette’s bom still missing fabrics and if I have no news at all for them at that moment, I will contact you via our LD site to see with you how to do. I really appreciate your help, thank you so much ❤ ! September is such a hard month with the new start of school year that I won't really have spare time 🙂 !
      Have a very sweet day !
      Hugs ❤ ❤ ❤



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