2f-a. Just a wink to a new dress…

Tonight, I’d like to show you my progress about the new little dress I am designing and I was talking about in my last post.

This summer, while I was signing my book at Bec Hellouin; I had the chance to find some lovely fabrics I was eager to begin with ! This blue one was perfect for what I had in mind : a little princess dress with its sweater !

Yesterday, I designed the bodice pattern and began to cut and sew all the princess seams for front and back bodices:

20171024_191922 - Copie
own collection

Then, I added the two short sleeves:

own collection

…that I sewed; as well as front bodice to back bodice under the sleeves !

own collection


Here we are, with Emma modelling :

own collection

She is so proud of the beginning of the dress !

own collection
own collection
own collection, Emma

I hope that you’ll like the beginning !

Today, no sewing; it was my second son’s birthday (Two of them are born in October 🙂 ) ! And tomorrow, with a beautiful sun, I will be in the garden…not getting a tan 😉 but just mowing the lawn 😉 !!!

See you soon ❤ !