Holiday Swap 2017: A Snowy Day!

The other day, I was telling you that I will speak about my LDs group and its Holiday Swap for 2017 called A Snowy Day.

Well, today, on Christmas Eve, I’m here to speak about this Holiday Swap that the majority of the group decided to be A Snowy day.

I have worked many hours to sew a little present for my Swap Partner’s LD. I will speak about it in some days and will show you pictures with Summer and Sayuri modelling the outfit 🙂 . Today, I’d like  to speak especially about the presents my LD’s Auntie has sent to us…

Some days ago, I received a very big package from the USA and from my Secret Swap Partner : Dorothy ! I was very excited to open the package but didn’t want to open the presents without she could open hers! So, we decided to open our presents together: 1 o’clock for the USA while it would be 7pm in France, on December 19th.

own collection

So we did !!

How exciting to know that we were two, together, opening our presents many miles away from each other !!

Well, no more secrets… Here are all the wonderful presents my girls and I received from our very kind Auntie:

Dorothy’s presents
Dorothy’s presents for us

Summer received a pair of pink pyjamas with hair clips; a lovely purple legging with a pink and purple sweater and a woolly hat in the same color;  white boots and a book:

Dorothy’s presents for Summer
Dorothy’s presents for Summer
Dorothy’s present for Summer

Sayuri received a long dress with panties and lace hat; a lovely pink dress with legging and flower shoes; and a book:

Dorothy’s presents for Sayuri
Dorothy’s present for Sayuri
Dorothy’s presents for Sayuri

And I received hot chocolate, socks and body cream !

Auntie Dorothy was so kind to us ! Summer, Sayuri and I thank her very much for her lovely presents !


In honor to Dorothy, I’d like to add two more words from my girls in front of my Christmas tree:

20171223_180255 - Copie_LI
Summer and Sayuri wishing you a Merry Christmas !



See you soon ❤ !



4 réflexions sur “Holiday Swap 2017: A Snowy Day!

  1. A different ‘look’ for the two little darlings in France. A lovely present from Dorothy. Summer looks very happy in leggings. Perhaps in your next book…….
    Profitez periods does fetes Joelle, Merci pour votre elegante blog


    1. Sorry, I tried to leave a brief message in French, but it autocorrected to a jumble. It was « enjoy the festive season Joelle, thank you for your elegant blog »


    2. Dear Jane, yes it’s a lovely present that Dorothy has sent to Summer and Sayuri! They are so sweet in their gorgeous outfits!
      Those leggings are inspiring me… 😉 !
      Thank you for your French words, I appreciate them 🙂 …
      Merry Christmas for you and your family !
      Love ❤


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