Changing eyes

Today, I’d like to speak about my little Autumn to whom I have changed eyes..

When I received her, I was very pleased about it for she is really lovely, much more than that can be seen on pictures. But, something in her eyes bothered me a little.. Of course, they are blue and beautifully made, but they seems like missing sparkle; may-be because I am her third owner…

Well, thanks to Jane, a great Follower of my Blog 🙂 (Hi to New Zeland, Jane 😉 ❤ ! ), I was able to buy those lovely pair of eyes to a very professional seller !

20180502_142638 - Copie
bjd eyes, own collection

I have received them the day my sisters were coming to visit us, in Normandy.

So, I changed Autumn’s eyes !

I opened the bjd’s head very easily (both sides are magnetic), took out the sparkless blue eyes…

Autumn, own collection
Autumn, own collection

…and put in the new ones which are blue and green and…sparkle so much 😉 !

Then I added the peach silicone on them to wedge the eyes in place; shut the head and put back the wig 🙂 .

Here is my « new » Autumn !

Autumn, own collection
Autumn, own collection
Autumn, own collection


Autumn, own collection

Shining sun !

Autumn, own collection
20180508_110108 - Copie
Autumn, own collection

Lovely girl 😉 !


See you soon ❤ !



4 réflexions sur “Changing eyes

    1. Thank you, Jane 🙂 .
      In fact, this peach silicone was already in Autumn’s head with her former eyes; so I haven’t bought it. What I can say is, that, when I bought my Brooklyn (My Meadow Girl), Miroslava advised me to buy those silicone earplugs on e-bay to wedge the eyes in place :
      « New 4Pcs Soft Comfortable Water Swimming Silicone Earplugs Sleep Noise Reducing ». (I’m sorry I wasn’t able to copy the link.)
      I hope it would help 🙂 .
      Dolly hugs,


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